Friday, September 21, 2007

Environmental groups petition U.S. to regulate air fresheners

"We take it seriously at this time," he said. The environmental groups argue that in houses, offices and restrooms, Americans suffer significant exposure "to a veritable cocktail of dangerous and potentially dangerous volatile organic compounds. In cases of mold and damp indoor environments, air fresheners may hide an indicator of potentially serious health threats to the respiratory system."
--Scott Wolfson, a spokesman for the Consumer Product Safety Commission in Bethesda, Md.
The painful article:

Oh, puuuhhhhh—lllleeeeaaaaasssssseeee! First Sheryl Crow wants us to use only 1-square of toilet paper. Now, the anti-glade, pro-funk crowd wants us to 86 air fresheners?!?! What’s next: “Blowing noses cause unneeded warm nostril-air in the environment, and 500 trees are used for tissue everyday in the US…blah, bla-blah, blahbitty, blahbitty-blah..”

Confession time: I use more than 1 square of TP; I use air freshener, in fact, my wife demands it. I will use those cute, little florescent light bulbs, but I have to say “no” on the “1-square covenant” and to getting rid of my Hawaiian Breeze Coconut PiƱa Colada Renuzit spray. Besides, I live in CA. There are laws preventing cutting trees here and we have oodles of thou-shalt-not-touch “National Parks”. These areas are burning up by the acre and the mile. Does anyone else see the irony in the anti-chop, pro-cute-furry-little-animal crowd’s being against clearing the forest, yet the effects of their radical decisions—you got it—the slaughter of millions of harmless trees, and the genocide of Bambi, Thumper, and Flower continues everyday! No more blood for political ideology!

Say “no” to the left’s funk! “As for me and my house, we will wipe and spray”.


Debbie said...

Oh my goodness, what's next? I think I've heard it all, and then ...\

Thanks for visiting Right Truth, come back again. The door's always open and we love meeting new friends.

Chip said...

Thanx Debbie.
I am new at this. Thought I would be one of the few conservative voices out there. Most of my viewings have been only religious. To my glee there are tons like yours, and I am doubly pleased there are women's voices on GOP-friendly blogs too. I guess the radical left doesn't hold the market for gals voices, especially reasonable ones.
Don't worry about the environmentalists, keep poofing that glade; that's what's keeping America fresh (besides your blog!
Blessings, chip.