Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The "Simpson" Case

Did you see the Vegas bail hearing for OJ Simpson today? It was a media circus! Court TV is setting up shop thanking their “unlucky stars”!

Did you see the judge? Something is very strange. They switched judges at the last minute. Justice of the Peace Joe Bonaventure Jr. laid out restrictions for Simpson’s bail including surrendering his passport to his attorney and having no contact with co-defendants or potential witnesses.
What’s strange is Bonaventure looks just like the Comic Book Guy!

1)"switching Judges".
2) Judge Bonaventure of the "Simpson" trial looks like the Comic Book Guy.
3) The Comic Book Guy is on “The Simpsons".

There's something funny going on; I smell a conspiracy and a mistrial!


Gayle said...

I agree. Where Simpson is involved there is always "something funny going on". I hope we are wrong and he finally gets what he deserves. Of course he won't really get what he deserves until after his death. Then a "Judge" who will not be replaced will make the final decision! :)

Chip said...

I still think it's the Comic Book Guy. ;-)