Sunday, September 23, 2007

Clinton and Giuliani in Possible Rematch

"They're two New Yorkers, two people who know each other, two people who know each other's weaknesses. It will be a knockdown, punch-em-in-the-nose campaign."
--Maurice Carroll of the Quinnipiac College Polling Institute

Rudy VS. Hillary?
Reuter writer Ellen Wulfhorst is salivating for a rock’em-sock’em , royal rumble between “New Yorkers” Rudy and Hillary. She compares the two to an old fashioned baseball match between the Yankees and Mets…whatever. She does believe Rudy’s chop-busting-wit will win the day but worries too he won’t be able to stand against the Boss Clinton Political Machine.

How would Rudy do against the “New Yorker” Ms. Bill Clinton in a “Post 9-11 World”? With all of her waffling, flip-flopping, mask-changing, scandal-hiding, and marriage-suffering, I wonder if a pro-choice Giuliani could win some debates and produce some sticky sound bites.

Hmmm…I wonder. Pretend for the sake of argument, squeaky clean Romney builds confidence among the Evangelical Right, and goes head-to-head against Hillary. How does he do? Socially, Mitt stands a head taller with his religious values, but aren’t Clinton’s family quibbles supposed to be “private”? Don’t they cancel out any talks about private affairs? Maybe Rudy can talk issues with Clinton and not focus on bad marriages. Romney socially will mop the floor with her.

Now imagine the true New Yorker Rudy, who gave hope to NY and the US during September 11, 2001 and beyond, against Clinton. Her only public office was as Senator in NY. Who better to box her on issues, especially public safety?

If Clinton were the democratic contender; here are the scenarios for me:
1) Romney—must win the religious right by putting his Christian, American values above his Mormon ties. Must run as a “GWB” republican to win.
2) Huckabee—has to go all out buck-wild and attack every ounce of liberal ideology that moves. He has to have NNNNoooooooooo dirt under his fingernails or he is a goner. He should hire Newt Gingrich to write his talking points and make mincemeat out of the Left. He should reinvent a new contract with America and rally up a new conservative congress. Wherever there are listners, Huck reminds folks what made and will keep the US great.
3) Giuliani—Stop looking like an idiot with the cell phone. Champion "keeping America safe". Convince Reagan moderates (conservative Catholics, Neocons, Rhinos, and Blue-dog democrats) he can bring this country back to stability. He has to attack Roe V. Wade but moderate the heated abortion talks. He has to infuriate the Left by claiming they say they "want to make abortion safe, rare but legal”. He should claim he is the only candidate who will truly make it rare. Win the female anti-abortion, non-feminists’ hearts (I think there are more than theLeft thinks).
4) McCain—should drop out. He can’t win against Hillary. In fact, he should get it over with and be her running mate.
5) Newt—be the GOP’s Howard Dean and run the party.
6) Thompson—Sorry guys. He entered the race too late. Doesn’t have a compelling message. I have watched 2 C-Span speeches and fell asleep twice. Can’t win. I think Dennis Kucinich could beat him.

Hillary and Giuliani debating for the presidency of the United States of America. An interesting thought. This primate needs to think some more.

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