Sunday, September 16, 2007

Church excommunicates 'Army of Mary'

"The Canadian bishops had issued a doctrinal note in 2001, confirming that the teachings promoted by the Army of Mary were contrary to the doctrines of the Church. The group has contradicted the Catholic faith by claiming that their founder, 86 year-old Marie-Paule Giguere, is the reincarnation of the Blessed Virgin Mary."
The story:

Pope Benedict continues to straighten up the Catholic church. In my Baptist heritage, namely the American Baptist Churches USA (ABC), I'm not sure the denomination would "excommunicate" a group claiming its founder is Mary reincarnated. Traditionally, the Baptists were recognized as "people of the Bible", not so anymore. More and more, ABC groups are becoming known as people who do what they feel, with no moral compass. My colleagues have begged the denomination to define what would cause an ABC church to get ousted, those queries fell on deaf ears. Over a year ago the most thriving Region, the Pacific Southwest (PSW--So. CA, NV, AZ, HW, UT), voted to withdraw from the ABC. This unprecedented move was accomplished to avoid the above heresies. Shame, shame; the Catholic church is switching roles with the ABC. Is it possible for the Catholics to become known as people of the book and baptists for dogmatic, extra-biblical and heretic theologies? Say it ain't so!
Thou goeth, PBXVI!

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