Saturday, December 11, 2010

President Obama -- Terms for Taxes

Barack Obama has been fighting everyone about his recent working decision to keep GW Bush’s across-the-board tax cuts afloat for the next 2 years. Peggy Noonan of the Wall Street Journal wrote a brilliant article demonstrating that President Obama looks like a big baby as he castigates the Right, the Left, AND the media over HIS decision to compromise. Normally, when a leader compromises, he doesn’t say, “I’m going to rescind my decision in 2 years” (when his presidency is over), but celebrates the fact he was able to find common ground amidst the most challenging times for the good of all people (sheesh!). Why would one alienate his enemies, his followers, and his cheerleaders?The other day there was a worse spectacle: President Obama let’s President Clinton speak as an apologist to his tax-cut extension decision. What was queerer is at that event, after Clinton spoke for 5 minutes, President Obama announced he had to go to a Christmas party and “we all know you shouldn’t keep the President’s Wife waiting”. Citizen Clinton went on to take questions from the press for 20 minutes!!! (something President Obama never does). Obama handed his bully pulpit over to Clinton – is this the bizzaro world? Pundits were rightly asking “Who is the president?” It feels like it’s a scene from “Back to the Future”; all we need is a souped-up DeLorean and Huey Lewis singing “Back in Time” and we will see Lyndon Johnson defending a public option for health care! Why would President Obama let President Clinton own his podium unsupervised? The numbers just don’t add up.

Here are a few thoughts:

1) WikiLeaks has leaked a wiki-lot. Remember file gate? Remember all the republicans in power stepping down during the Clinton administration and the Clinton scandals? Remember Hustler’s Larry Flint offering all kinds of cash for dirt on republicans? This mini-era is so Clintonesque. I wonder how much dirt is on the Obama team and their decisions; call me a conspiracy theorist but I think Mr. and Mrs. Clinton might have neutered the current administration through some unwitting surrogates.

2) Obama is failing badly. The aforementioned Noonan article suggests, traditionally, a candidate from either party running against a sitting president is usually a loser for both candidates and the party. The challenge doesn’t come from the establishment but from the unhappy fringe; that goes for both parties. She points to Kennedy/Carter, Reagan/Ford, and some others. She also suggests the only possible viable Obama challenger would be Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. I think she’s right.

3) What scenario could I see Clinton challenge President Obama WITHOUT damaging him, her, or the party?

a. President Obama has always maintained he would rather be a good 1-term president than a mediocre 2-term president (a jibe to W).

b. He steps down “for the good of the country”; after all, he took too many blows from all directions to turn this country around to its right course. He made tough, tough decisions for us all, our kids, the elderly, the poor, orphans, widows, spotted owls, and for intergalactic global peace.

c. He endorses Clinton and says she will be a different style of leader but will always do the right thing. She runs as a more centrist candidate and scoops up a ton of moderate & independents, while keeping her liberal base -- her term as a NY Senator and Secretary of State have seasoned her as a leader both home and abroad.

d. Obama comes out as a humble, altruistic President. Hillary is given the acclaimed nomination by the establishment; even the NAACP will back her. And the Democratic Party remains intact.

e. Joe Bidan? Who’s he?

Read Peggy Noonan’s article. I think my scenario makes sense, just don’t tell Obama, Clinton, or WikiLeaks. And please, don’t tell Joe Bidan because he may feel insignificant.

Friday, October 22, 2010

My Note to the PBS Board Re: Juan Williams

To: Jonathan C. Abbott; Benjamin Godley; David Bernstein; Melinda J. Braithwaite; Margaret Drain; Jeanne M. Hopkins; Joseph M. Igoe; Susan L. Kantrowitz; Winifred Lenihan; Vinay Mehra; Lance W. Ozier; Jamie Parker; Russell J. Peotter; Alexis Fife Rapo; Marita Rivero; Brigid W. Sullivan; and Suzanne Zellner.

RE: Firing Juan Williams

I am grieved, bad. Juan Williams should have never been fired. He's a good liberal in the lions' den of conservatism--that's more than many at WGBH can say. In the movie "Scent of a Woman" The blind Col. Frank Slade has to defend good-hearted innocent Charlie Simms before all the onlookers, before an accusing, petty entity, and before a diverse board of directors. In the end, Charlie wins and the people rejoice. Justice is done. Social justice has become a funny word these days, sometimes a warped word. I hope the board of directors takes 2 steps back and does the right thing. Trust me: Juan will make you proud and the people will respect you. I look at my kids and all their sesame street toys and videos. I am evaluating how much we listen to NPR while we farm (all day). At some point sticking up for what is right needs to be reevaluated. I'm almost at the point of explaining to my kids why "it's not good to watch sprout TV". One would rhetorically ask, "Should the kids pay for the adults’ mistakes and ignorance?" I would rhetorically respond, "Shouldn't the adults pay for the mistakes and ignorance to the kids?"
There are many alternatives to NPR; PBS; WGBH; Sprout; classical and jazz music these days. There wasn't when I was a kid, but there is now for my kids. Do the right thing and don't go the way of dinosaurs into extinction.
Thank you,


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

On the Waterfront

"You never want a serious crisis to go to waste."

Rahm Emanuel

This axiom has become the bedrock on which the Obama Admin is built. Their misunderstanding of this saying will turn the administration’s anchor into a millstone tied around their neck to be tossed into the oily sea by Middle America.

Emanuel’s philosophy needs to be synthesized with a couple other principles or their political leadership will be all washed up.

Serious crisis can help leaders if they know:

1) Reality is MORE important than appearances. People must know you are in control and care about the common good. Forgiveness will be at an all time high. People are with you. They will watch and see how much you care. They emotionally put themselves in your shoes and secretly hope you win for us all. It will be the first major step in your leadership ability. Pass this major test and write your ticket.

2) Appearances are SOMETIMES more important than reality. If you aren’t fighting for the good, and making progress, nothing else makes sense. But if people aren’t aware of what you’re doing, all the good makes little sense to others. You need to find symbolic ways to give confidence to the people.

3) Finally, you never want a serious crisis to go to waste. Once you have proven your leadership to the people you have the most important thing a leader and an admin team has—trust. Once you have trust, hammering away at all that non-crisis stuff becomes easier.

How has this Administration failed? Once this deep-water pipe started spewing barrel upon barrel into the Gulf waters, President Obama should have called all the military together (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard) and figured out how to beat this thing. He should have had the press headline his quote talking to the military heads saying, “Today we are one branch working together; let’s cap this pipe!” President Obama could have received help offered from other countries. If there were legislation keeping them out of our waters, a democratic dominated house and senate would have run to the podiums to back up executive orders. What a win and great photo-op for donkeys! Appearances are SOMETIMES more important than reality. Once the problem is capped, Barack Obama becomes a national hero. He can push any legislation with gusto. To repeat a misinterpreted axiom: "You never want a serious crisis to go to waste." I do think there’s still time seize the opportunity. Not much.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Don't Lose the Real Debate--"Health Insurance Reform" (cough, cough)

All this health care talk is getting me upset. Issues are being bandied back and forth:

Quality of care for elderly/Euthanasia (end-of-life care)
Illegal Aliens “Rights to Services”
Cost, deficit issues, taxes
Overall quality of service (managed care verses European style)
Possibility of governmental intrusion
Freedom of choice diminishing
And so many others

My contention is shouting doesn’t help. Liberal bureaucrats say “yes” or “no” to anything. The key for them: sign the deal, then legislate and judicate incrementally. They will promise the world and demonize opponents as mean-spirited. They will agree to any one of those issues: “Abortion, sure, we will make sure the government doesn’t get involved”. Several years later we are calling it ‘quality of life’ issues where the health of the baby and mother are at stake. Libs can promise anything—it’s not their money. It’s easy to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to anything.

Don't get hung up on those issues. We call it “insurance reform”; it’s really “democracy reform”—that’s what's at stake, our fundamental freedoms as a democracy. Keep using the word ‘socialism’ that’s what hyper-liberalism is. (<--notice the period)

I’m all for outreaches, help for the poor, truly reforming the health system but NOT for socialized medicine—no thank you. All the above will lose, but good “Red, White, and Blue” Americans do not want to be Socialists. If Americans expose this group of bureaucratic flakes as teetering Socialists, we may just get a new congress and President – then we get back to a democratic, capitalist system and true health process reform.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Ode to a Little Flag

Blue, yellow, red, and green—you’re all lovely keeping me in my place. Disjointed thoughts and a thirsty soul crying for knowledge praise your position. Hundreds of you remain steady yet progressively move forward through history, language, theological discourse, poetry, science, and the Cat in the Hat. My mind fails; I would read the same text over and over and over. You move me and remind me of the place where I left—some call you “plastic”—I call you “rock”! Little Flag, Little Flag, you are majestic! Your service is never rewarded but always praised. Thank you sticky 3-M Post-it flags. My library is full of you, my heart is thankful, and my mind is blessed.

Friday, May 29, 2009


I have become interested in the differences between these 2 diagnosis. There are both a medical and legal connotations. One of these cats crossed my path and I'm glad the relationship was short lived. It has been learned this person had done damage in other communities and I'm sure the person will do it in other communities too. Scary. I asked, "Is the person 'socio' or 'psycho' path?"
The lines are shady but it seems the socio path is in less control of himself where as the psycho appears more orderly. The sociopath would tend to get caught at his malfeasance where the psychopath is a bit smarter, but still unaware to his own faults. I'm learning he/she blames everyone for his/her own problems yet justifies his own guilt. Yow! The ethics are always self-serving. Ultimately because of his disorders both of the "paths" cannot be successful. He can only blame loved ones and society for his failures. I guess these trapped people go snap, crackle, pop when the awareness hits that, "Maybe it's me". I think when that realization hits it's a crossroad to hurting destructive behavior. The destruction can go in any direction. I wonder if before they hurt themselves or others if they can find surrender to Christ and therapy. Is wholeness possible for the socio/psychopath? Of course we all say yes, but has there been success for whole living for him?

Here is an explanation from :

Even those professionals that identify a difference note that the traits of the psychopath and sociopath are largely similar. Both psychopaths and sociopaths have a complete disregard for the feelings and rights of others. This often surfaces by age 15 and may be accompanied by cruelty to animals. These traits are distinct and repetitive, creating a pattern of misbehavior that goes beyond normal adolescent mischief.
Both the psychopath and sociopath fail to feel remorse or guilt. They appear to lack a
conscience and are completely self-serving.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Miss California Carrie Prejean Exonerated

I appreciated Miss. CA's response to her being cleared of all wrong-doing.
This was part of her response afterward:

“Judge #8 began a cultural firestorm in the media; it went national, as he was trying to be self-promoting and hateful, while I have remained silent—since—I am honored to be here today. To finally let my voice be heard and address the hateful attacks, despicable rumors, and the false allegations I have had within the last 3 weeks…being at the center of a media firestorm is not something I had planned, or signed up for. But the days since have taught me to stand up for what you believe in regardless of the consequences, personal attacks, or disagreements.”

What if this situation were reversed? What if she were for same-sex marriage? What if she stated her own opinion for gay marriage, became maligned by the public, and then disgraced because of some shady photos (that didn’t fit the criteria for indecent)? How would the general media and Hollywood Left respond? Gotta admit, the kid stood up for herself without losing her congeniality. She also publically forgave anyone who slandered her. Some of those pics were photo-shopped and she forgave the hate-filled things said against her by people pushing their own agendas. May God give me the same grace when I am culturally attacked.

Girl, we beautiful people need to stick together!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Milton Friedman Tells Phil Donahue Why Socialism Fails

Wow! Milton Friedman sets us straight decades ago. He makes a good point. What will really help us get out of this "grinding poverty"? Communism, Socialism, Nazism, Liberalism? President Obama needs to hear this.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Conservatism With Heart: Rush Limbaugh at CPAC!!#links#links#links#links#links#links#links

* Conservatism With Heart: Rush Limbaugh at CPAC!! #links#links#links#links#links#links#links

Thank you Dee from CWH! I have seen Rush's CPAC speech but missed Ann Coulter's. She is a riot with some great points with regard to Democrats views on President Obama.

* Liberals beware: Listening to these Talking Heads could be hazardous to your presupposed political ideologies. Do not listen if you have no intention of becoming a Republican. Knowing you are living a lie while aiding and abetting the biggest scam in American history could do damage to your self-worth and personal religion. If you have no intentions of changing then run out of the house right now and hug a tree; throw your hard-earned money toward the government; and dust off your statue of Karl Marx and straighten you portrait of Barack Obama. If you do want a good belly laugh and are willing to accept that your political stances are bent, then by all means, listen. You have been warned. Chip's Church Chat (C3) cannot be held liable for dissensions in any family, institution, or political camp where members who use their brains convert from hyper-liberalism to rational-conservatism. For a full disclosure of all release of liabilities, contact Levine, Levine, and Levine law firm @

Monday, February 23, 2009

Kids, Watch and Learn!

My mother is visiting this week. My four-year-old girl is ecstatic. My mom gets to meet my newborn too. I am thankful my wife is secure with the relationship I have with my mother. Since we first got married, 10 years ago, my wife has always encouraged my mom and me to continue the close relationship we had prior to my marriage. Mom has always appreciated this. She says, “Even if she (my wife) were the most devious person in the world (which she’s not), it’s a great strategy to ‘keep friends close and enemies closer’”. That’s my girl. Kerry is so secure with my relationship with mom that she rented a hotel for 2 nights just a mile away from our house so we could spend quality time together. What a peach.

The bed-and-breakfast-like hotel is quaint. It seems like a medieval chateau or someplace Shakespeare would write sonnets by candlelight. Wicked-cool! She got us the “president’s suite” for a bargain. She was a hotel manager and knows how to talk to other hotel managers. It’s cool. We did laugh a bit. It has a long bar with many barstools. Two big plasma screen TV’s. It has a living room with a wrap-around couch and mirrors all along one wall. It also has pictures of Marilyn Monroe and Holly Golightly (the only thing missing is Liza Minnelli and Barbara on the ceiling!). It has a Jacuzzi and even something that looks like a professional dancer’s pole near the bar. It’s a gas watching a 70’something year-old mom pretend she is Charo singing “oochie-coochie” on the Merv Griffin Show. We had fun eating things we ought not eat while watching Nancy Grace excoriate murderous tot moms. 1 snafu: there was only 1 bed. Sleeping with my mom was cute when I was 4, not 4 decades later. I went foraging for supplies.

I headed downstairs to the Hotel California’s frontdesk to speak with the nightman to grovel for a pillow, a sheet, and a blanket to sleep on the big couch in the big room with the big TV. He looked like the mullet-sporting, skeleton-looking guy from Rocky Horror Picture Show. I think his name was Norman Bates. He walked me into a creepy closet and walked me up the creepy stairs back into my creepy room. It was creepy. I’m glad he didn’t tuck me in. Tourists come from all over to see this haunted hotel. I ignored all the stories parishioners have told me and kept repeating the mantra, “I don’t believe in spooks; I don’t believe in spooks!” I don’t; I guess. I have seen neither split pea soup flying across the room nor tables blocking exits thus far. If I had I would have checked our long ago; we are spook free!

It’s good to have my Italian/Portuguese mother here, even if it is a weird room. I can hear her sleeping as I type. Being the youngest of 5, I know I will know her the shortest time compared to my older sibs. I am a tad jealous. Having a newborn reminds me of how much I love her as I know she looked at me the way I look at my 2 kids. And if she looked at me the way she looks at my 10-week old, then I was a very happy infant. I have never seen such love in a woman’s eyes beside my wife for our kids. Jr. did not come from Lou’s womb, well, not directly—maybe there is something to that.

I am thankful for my wife too. She has inner-contentment and serenity. What other woman would rent a room for her husband and mother-in-law to get some “alone time”. My wife has fun with my mom and me, but says, “I see my family all the time, but you’re lucky to see you mom once a year”. I could have had a wife who was jealous or insecure with my mom’s closeness with me, instead, she encourages it. I hope Kerry reaps what she sows inheriting a daughter-in-law who encourages a fond relationship with our son and my wife Kerry. I pray she looks back and smiles that our son took the good from his old man and found a girl a little like his mom. I pray my future 40+ boy has as much fun with Kerry as I had “doing nothing” with my mom tonight. Let’s cherish the time with our parents while we can. We don’t know how much time we will have with them or the “facilities” we will enjoy, with them, or us.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Sopranos A&E

The last 8 or so years have been rough. My family watched the Sopranos every Sunday night and repeats on HBO throughout the week. The program has so many great Italian-American and East Coast references, yet the swearing, violence, and nudity is too much. It’s too bad. It would have been a great bonding piece with the family. As the youngest of 5, I’m used to missing out on all the fun!

Well, now the Sopranos are edited and watchable for my dainty eyes and ears on A&E channel—“I’m back, BABY!” I may be a decade behind, but at least I now know all the inside jokes.

One of my favorite quotes so far is Rosalie Aprile telling Adriana (who sold herself out to the feds) the reason why Sal "Big Pussy" Bonpensiero’s wife is no longer welcome to lady’s functions. S he explains, how even Judas didn’t act like Pussy when he betrayed Jesus"At least Judas didn't go into any 'Apostle protection' program -- he hung himself, he knew what he did."

Thanks A&E for great editing, and thanks Sharon Angela for a good belly laugh!

Stimulus Package

What got us into this financial disaster in the first place? Well one of the first places I can think of are these easy-credit, house scandals. We chucked money at people and lenders who had no business buying high-dollar homes. The mortgage rates were screwy and people signing the contracts had no idea what they were signing or the ramifications of actually paying that money back.

Another problem is a credit problem. Average Americans, and even college kids, became too debt heavy. Kids live of school loans and credit cards. Once they get married, they realize a difficult reality, "You have to pay that money back!" A welfare mentality is not just in "the hood" but in the suburbs, on Wall Street, and in the Beltway too.

We are at a financial crossroad, so what do we do? Feed the monster.

Obama, Pelosi, and Reed are given a Trillion dollar credit limit to "stimulate" the economy. The audacity to even ask for such a credit limit during these times, and especially knowing how we got into these times. A "Trillion" dollar credit limit can buy Microsoft, Walmart, Pepsi, Coke, and Google, with cash to buy some other mega-goodies! Who is going to pay the balance? My kids and their kids. Maybe our kids will just declare bankruptcy which is just saying uncle to socialism/communism. I wish we could just cut the cards and find other ways.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Caylee Burried Yesterday

Rest In Peace three-year-old Caylee Marie Anthony. She was buried yesterday in Orlando, FL. As a father with a daughter the same age and with the same eyes, I pray justice comes quickly and we take a public stand against horrific crimes like this.

Love the Cable Guy!

I like TV; no, I love TV. I love my TIVO too. You can watch what you want, when you want, and get right to the point. I must say too, I prefer cable over satellite. What’s nice about cable is you can juice the wires any way you want. You can’t do that with satellite. In NY we had Time Warner Cable and Road Runner Internet. We never had a problem. With the DVR we could tape two shows at once and watch another; very cool. We moved to CA and wanted to have Time Warner/Road Runner again. I asked the cable guy to put some holes in the wall that even a novice like me could do. He got all sassy telling me how much extra money it would cost. Basically he pouted. I asked him to leave and we have had Dish Network for over 2 years now.

Time Warner called me up offering a $33/$33/$33 deal for cable/internet/phone. That was an offer I couldn’t refuse, and because I juiced up the house with wires myself; I was willing to endure that pouty, sassy cable person. To my elation, I got a new guy with an upbeat attitude. He wasn’t a schmoozer but was a serious guy who took the tour around my house and told me everything I wanted was not only possible but made sense—WOW! He went above and beyond and did all the wire work through our tiny little attic. What a great guy. No wires! I pecked out a quick thank-you note to him and the company. Here’s why I prefer my cable over satellite:

They were very nice over the phone and threw in a bunch of freebies. The cost was better than satellite. No long term commitments; I can just cancel. Theoretically, I can tape two shows at once and watch two others with PIP (picture in picture). I can pipe my cable to any room in the house (including garage and back patio). Satellite allows only four. The best thing was the service. I have never had sales people and service people be so kind to me. For me, the service from the waiter in a restaurant is more important than the food or prices. Same with TV. For Time Warner/Road Runner, the prices got me, but the service will keep me.
Thanks TW/RR. I wish you all the success in the world!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

☆Love six-year-old Connie Talbot!

Where did this kid come from?????
Best of luck CT!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Yes, They Can

It’s difficult to explain the joy and elation I feel as an American to truly say “anyone can become president of the United States”. It doesn’t erase the stain on our country to the harsh, inhumane treatment of Africans and many Native Americans, but it does open the door for young people of any color to say “I can be president”. My hope is that the pessimistic outlook of many youth will be lifted today and they can seize the opportunities of a Democratic, Represented Republic.

It’s a glorious, sentimental time. I appreciate the hopeful cadence in Obama’s voice. I’m smitten with George and Laura’s humble class as they hand over power. Even Bruce Springsteen’s raspy voice makes me feel patriotically nostalgic. It’s all good. This may sound odd, but what gave me a moment of hopeful serenity is seeing young Jenna and Barbara Bush giving a White House tour for Malia Ann and Sasha Obama. That made it all real for me.

This is the first day for our President’s journey. Let’s pray for him and his family. It’s bitter-sweet for us Americans. We pray 4 years for each leader. Other Christians need to pray a lifetime for their country’s kings or dictators. No matter what political bent, let’s pray for the Obama’s. May God bless them and America; and may we Americans be a blessing too.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Wrights, and Warrens, and Robinsons--O' My!

Isn't that special...

USA Today--Activists cheer Obama's choice of gay bishop

He loves controversial ministers. President Elect Obama has now asked controversial Episcopalian Bishop, Rev. Gene Robinson, to take part in the inauguration. What meaneth thou this? It is said a President Obama will do away with “don’t ask, don’t tell” approaches to government employees. He plans to appoint gay officials in high ranks . These gestures are troublesome for many denominations. It’s difficult to think of anyone more polarizing than Robinson. Robinson's appointment is becoming the "shot heard around the world" causing the biggest church split of our day. Including Rev. Robinson does placate a fringe among the radical left. Warren is likened to Hitler by some. Robinson’s addition appeases them—for the moment.

Aside from that, President Elect Obama plans to have a dinner honoring opponent John McCain. This is seen as chivalrous by some political talking heads. It seems like it to me too. Is Obama a genuinely nice guy; or a calculating, smooth-talking, maniacal, tyrannical liberal with a “3 steps forward-2 steps back” approach to cultural, governmental change? I’m not sure. Either way, let’s just follow the money and follow the power to see what plays out. I love symbolism, but as for me and my house, we will choose substance any day.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

PRW Anointing PE-BO

Seems like President Elect Obama will have Pastor Rick Warren give the invocation at his inauguration. The far left and far right are in a lather. I had a good, initial reaction to it. I was worried the sky would fall when Barak Obama came into office. It is exciting to have a black president; I’m just lamenting he has among the most liberal records in the Senate. For me the Warren prayer was just a small bone he could throw to guys like me. I now wonder if he actually can walk among both sides of the aisle; (that’s kind of easy when you have majorities in the both branches).

He is catching flack for Warren but is sticking to his guns. It's an easy decision to stick to though--good for him. I'm more surprised how much he ran on “change” yet pads his administration with dinosaurific, Clinton-machine leftovers. Hillary??? Leon Panetta???? Gimmee a break. Yeah, m-hm, that's change. T'will be an interesting 4 (8?) years. But hey, thanks President Elect Obama for an evangelical invocation. I look forward to bigger bones chucked my way throughout this long, arduous hidden-tax-filled presidency. Call me an optimist. :-)

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Pro-life Back Pastors Wary of Obama

Wahington Times Article: Views clash on abortion

Julia Duin of the Washington Times reports the difficult quandary many conservative Black pastors are in as it relates to Barack Obama. He is unapologetically pro-life and pro-gay; those 2 things don’t set too well with these Bible preachers. Many in their flock are willing to sell out their core values for the sake of seeing a person of color in the White House. I can’t say I blame them. Many feel McCain is a weak candidate for the GOP—that doesn’t make things easier.

I am thankful an African American has been elected to run for president. We have a black teenager who is living with us. It is wonderful to say with confidence, “You can run for president too.” It’s no joke. I do appreciate the candor of these black pastors in this article. They claim they are “Christians first, and black second”. I respect that. I so want a black president but just not Barack Obama. He will not respect life nor will he respect marriage. There is a part of me that wants to make history this November, but I know in my heart that history will help destroy the future. McCain is no prize but I’d rather deal with the 20% I don’t agree with him, than the 80% I disagree with Obama. It would be more difficult if I were black. The history or the future—which to vote?


Monday, June 16, 2008

Rush Limbaugh shows Bill Clinton faking tears after funeral

I am sooooo glad Bill won't be First Lady.
BO, do not pick HC as your Veep. This was Ron Brown's funeral; how do you think he and VP Clinton would act at yours?

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Possible Ancient Christian Shrine Found in Jordan

Archaeologist Abdel-Qader Hussein, head of the Rihab Center for Archaeological Studies, says the catacombs were unearthed in the northern Jordanian city of Rihab after three months of excavation and show evidence of early Christian rituals. Shortly after the death of Jesus Christ, disciples founded churches in the area, many of them underground to escape persecution.

Monday, June 9, 2008

The High Cost of Saving ANWR

Where the heck have I been? Why have I not ever heard of Raymond S. Kraft, a retired attorney and gifted writer from northern California? He makes tons of sense. Read this article on The High Cost of Saving ANWR. Raymond seems to think we are being held hostage by liberal congressmen’s constituencies who don’t want ANWR touched at all, even at the cost of our national interests. There is more to drilling in ANWR than meets the eye. Kraft hates seeing us pay $130 a barrel to OPEC countries who hate us. We export $700 billion dollars a day to Middle Eastern countries. Hugo Chavez gets a nice chunk of that too. But we are outsourcing job, jobs that could be here in America. Kraft belives by drilling in Alaska and offshore again, we could hypothetically lower our low unemployment rate from 5% to 0%! People could actually stop collecting unemployment and welfare.

Think of it: once we begin drilling, the prices will come down. Countries will begin competing for our business. It’s a matter of opening 2,000 acres of the 19,049,236 area of land (that’s 2 commas, as in ‘millions’).

Let’s not let Algorish-type senators stop our country from flourishing. Do not vote for a selfish, self-destructive liberal this year. Pretty soon they will try to protect the corn fields from being harvested. Using our natural resources in America keeps our money and jobs here; it helps stop terrorist countries from getting crazy rich; it brings down unemployment.

Thank you Raymond S. Kraft. Keep writing.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

What the real, selfish Clinton would have done.

Well, did you hear Hillary Clinton’s Don’t Cry for me Argentina speech—yuck!

Basically her speech was about her -- “I, me, my/myself”— and, oh yeah, "Barack" too. I went through the speech to do a word count and found her using the words “I” 63x’s; “me” 17x’s; “my” 26x’s; and “myself” 1x (I, myself, am not a big fan of the pronoun “myself” either—that doesn’t make “me” like her any more though).

Do you want to hear the real Hillary? This is what we would have had to contend with to have Clinton in the White House for 4 l-o-n-g years. Here the big quote from her speech:

This isn't just an issue for me. It is a passion and a cause, and it is a fight I will continue until every single American is insured, no exceptions and no excuses.

We all want an America defined by deep and meaningful equality, from civil rights to labor rights, from women's rights to gay rights ... from ending discrimination to promoting unionization, to providing help for the most important job there is: caring for our families.

And we all want to restore America's standing in the world, to end the war in Iraq, and once again lead by the power of our values ... and to join with our allies to confront our shared challenges, from poverty and genocide to terrorism and global warming.

Summary: Socialized medicine; special rights; big labor; more “hate crime” bills; “caring for families” (socialization/education/welfare/Planned Parenthood—abortions); pull out of Iraq/invade Darfur; follow United Nations’ lead; shake-down corporate growth for cash.

Isn’t it amazing how she has been so moderate during the campaign? Today, she revealed what we missed out on—4 years of hyper/social, tax-and-spend programs. As I mentioned months ago, I feared the Clinton's’ grandiosity and indestructibility similar to the Nixon Administration. You think the Clinton's were dangerous before??

I don’t want Obama to win, but if he does, it won’t be the end. I’m just not sure I could take 4 years of Hillary. I may just go where Alec Baldwin never went. I am glad from her “concession” speech today, I got to hear what she would have been all about—“herself” and socialism. I do not feel bad for this selfish, dangerous person, at all.

I will close this thought about the Clinton machine in the same way thriller movies often close…The End?

Abortion failed! Baby is fine!

Welcome to the world baby Finley Crampton of England!Mama Jodie Percival and husband Bill decided to abort the 8-week old after learning he would probably have kidney trouble. The abortion DIDN'T TAKE!!!! And guess what; the parent aren't suing but are rejoicing--look at that handsome, dapper kid!
Kerry and I are 11-weeks pregnant. We had our baby's 1st sonogram at 8-weeks; he was the cutest, little tadpole I had ever seen. You should've heard that little heart beating at 185 bpm!
Ladies and gentleman: read Finley's story and reconsider abortion.
Doctors: stop aborting and choose life. You will be blessed because of it and so will your 3 patients--the mom, the dad, and the baby.

More Jazz!

Heavy cats. Life gets no better than this. Youtube, send me your bill.

Tea For Two

Join me for a flashback to Anita O'day singing "Tea For Two" at Newport, RI Jazz Festival--Summer of 1958.

She swings!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

How did I miss this conservative???

Check out Rivka's Right Think post on "Alaska Governor Suing To Get Polar Bears Off The Endangered Species Act".

This lady may make the GOP VP list (though I wish she were on the P list!). Finally, a republican Governor with some.........'guts", and he is a woman! She makes me proud to be an American and even more, a Republican American. This has been a rough year for GOP pride.
Watch this gal. Why havn't I noticed her until now? Thanks Rivka and Dee.

What's been unconsciously bothering me?

Something has not been right and I couldn’t put my finger on it until just this second– 24!
We real 24 fans call that period between the end of the 24 series in May until the beginning of the 24 season in January “Hibernation”. Hibernation is waiting until that next 24-hour period to see Jack Bauer stop a terrorist plot against the US while simultaneously battling deadly, federal bureaucracies and battling his own internal moral ethics—ahhh, just the thought gives me shivers!

Like an alcoholics’ self-awareness, we 24 addicts need to take that first step: “Recognize the Problem”. If you’re a real 24 fan, you may not know it but something “ain’t right”. Embrace that feeling; your patriotism runs deep like the millions of men who joined the military in the 40’s and went to war stopping emerging evil empires. Recognizing the problem is the first step. Since I have; I feel better and am more self-aware.

The writer’s strike is over. Keifer Sutherland has paid restitution for his DWI, and 24 will be back on. This hibernation period may be lengthened, but soon we’ll be back on schedule. Season 7 Day 7 is destined to be a stone-groove, and you can bet your last dollar it will deliver! Hang in their baby, January is coming.

Thanking God for BO

Confession Time.

I said the other night how elated I was to see a black candidate for president. My sense was that moment of my historic nostalgia would last until only midnight. Well, this is my second day. I am feeling even more emotional than I thought. Let me be clear—Obama is a class “A” liberal and needs to be defeated. I just wish McCain weren’t so flip-floppy and listless. *Sigh*

I must confess too. my patriotic nostalgia has not only kicked-in but my resentment also has. Hillary Clinton’s classless obstinacy is nauseating. I know these people have no shame. I wonder, is it possible for the "heroic" Clintons to be shamed within their own democratic party? They “lead’ by trial-balloons. She is feeling the tide of the wind and will probably turn this awful, awful negative act of her raining on Obama’s/America’s parade into a positive. But even if she does, and comes out smelling like a teflon-rose, know this is just a mini-stench of what the Clinton’s Nixon-like arrogance would have been if they were allowed back in the White House. [
Thank God BO is black—racial prejudice in America is healing. Thank God BO is BO and not HC.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Laura Ingraham Friday Nights

I don't watch Bill O'Reilly every night but do when I'm flicking and see Laura Ingraham. I didn't realize this but she is on every Friday. Pass the word. I would love to see her (or Ann Coulter) and Susan Esterich do a female version of Hannity and Colmes. Dee Dee Myers may be a good Colmes too.
Watch Laura on The O'Reilly Factor every Friday night on "The Ingraham Angle."

Barack Obama wins the Dem nomination!

I must admit, as an American I am very proud. A black man has won the nomination from a major party to be President of the United States! It’s true, anyone can do it!

The caveat --> I wish it were Condi; JC Watts; Colon Powell, or any other conservative of color for that matter. I would vote for those people before McCain. Black, white, or green, Obama is a liberal, therefore, he is dangerous for America--having said that, I am proud. This is a new day for US.

We celebrated for a moment; let’s not let this guy get in office. He is a liberal (but I am proud for 2 more hours).

No Class!!!

Barak Obama was the presumptive nominee tonight.
She wouldn't even congratulate him for what he actually did. She lost!
Rules mean nothing for the Clinton machine.

No Class!!!

One more Harvey-clip "The Misfit Dentist"

What's more funny--the dentist or the patient trying to keep his composure?
I was wiping tears off my laptop. RIP HK; you are missed!

McCain's VP?

Kay Bailey Hutchison

I love this gal. Folks have kicked around possible GOP VP names like Romney, Huckabee, Crist, and the like. Whatever.

If BO doesn’t pick Clinton, if I were JM, I would grab KBH. She is Margaret-Thatcheresqe and may just siphon off some of those Hillary women votes. JM can’t show his hand until BO does.
KBH is a solid conservative. She brings a calming presence to the ticket. I would rather have her or Condoleezza Rice as President over JM any day.

Any thoughts on my girl Kay Bailey Hutchison.

Monday, June 2, 2008

*Public Service Announcement for C3 Readers*

Daschle: McCain Sought to Join Democrats

From Newsmax:

"Former Democratic Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle said that several years ago John McCain came close to leaving the Republican Party and caucusing with Senate Democrats."

C3 readers:
This is not news--repeat--not news.
It doesn't matter if he did or didn't. We Republicans know what John McCain is and isn't for. He will be the lesser of 2 evils. For very conservative Elephants like me, we want him to pander toward us. We know he will kowtow, flip, and possibly even stab us in the back, but I repeat again, so we don't have 5 months of this -- this is not news.

Thank you,

Chip's Church Chat

"Where primates think"

Clinton Supporter Thrown Out of Rules Committee Meeting

Love this lady. She is the new Cindy Sheehan, the poster girl for the liberal, democratic party. Please, please, please give us more of these people. They make life fun.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Iran FM Calls on Muslims to 'Erase' Israel

Quote from Newsmax:

TEHRAN — "Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki called on the world's Muslims on Sunday to work to "erase" Israel, in the latest verbal attack by Tehran against the Jewish state.

"As the Imam Khomeini said, if each Muslim throws a bucket of water on Israel, Israel will be erased," Mottaki told a conference in Tehran, recalling a saying by Iran's late revolutionary leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini.

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has sparked international outrage for his repeated attacks against Israel, which he has predicted is doomed to disappear and described as a "stinking corpse" and a "dead rat".

His most notorious attack was in 2005 when he repeated another saying from Khomeini calling for Israel to be "wiped from the map". "

Mottaki and Ahmadinejad make great bedfellows: they both hate Israel and want to see them and all Zionist destroyed. I am still peeved about Columbia U allowing Ahmadinejad to speak at the school. Where does it stop with these Jihadists? (talking about Iran, not liberlas at Colombia)

Do you think if they destroy Israel as a people, and control that land as a nation, they will stop there? Israel is a land-bridge between 3 continents: Europe, Asia, and Africa. From a military standpoint, never mind religious and democratic issues, anyone who controls Israel controls the world. Now on a religious and democratic standpoint we should be leery of Iran developing nukes.

Liberals say, “Hey, they have every right to make as many nukes as they wish. We have them; so should they.” (I think that’s the mantra). Just beware of your libertine doctrines. The very people whose rights you protect are the very people who will take away your rights, especially you fill-in-the-blanks (whatever your pet-platform is).

What am I advocating for?
Making friends: winning in Iraq. What is winning? A free Iraq and a U.S. ally in the Middle East.
Keeping friends: Honoring our heartfelt friendship with Israel. I believe God will bless it and there are logistic benefits beyond God’s blessing.
Making new enemies: We should define what our parameters are. We ought to define what is acceptable and what isn’t. Let’s beef up our intelligence and find out what’s going on. Let’s get the greatest minds together and win this war against radical Islam. We need great theologians and philosophers too who can articulate why suicide bombing contradicts a great monotheistic God and why those leaders cannot be trusted.

Liberals: stop jeopardizing our children’s future; see these dictators as they are--they want you d-e-a-d, dead. Once Israel is wiped out, they are coming for you. You say, “No Nukes”. They will agree with you until they take over your country, then they will fire up nukes for their own Jihad here in the Americas.

This American has not forgotten Columbia University’s blunder for letting that joker Ahmadinejad spew his garbage on this country's soil.

Get it right: “Yes” to nukes in the US; let's produce our own energy and weaken them. “No” to nukes in Iran; stop those madmen in their tracks.

Abortion rights can lead to misogyny?

Can the affects from classical feminists’ stern stances actually cause misogyny and femicide? Say it ain’t so!
It be so.

Carol Colleen Campbell of Saint Louis Today writes an excellent piece entitled The bitter irony of sex-selective abortion.”

Here's an insightful quote:
"The study does not mean that most Asian-Americans practice sex selection, of course. What the numbers do suggest is that this ultimate form of misogyny can happen in any culture that fails to defend the intrinsic dignity of every human life.

Sadly, most American feminist leaders have remained silent in the face of this modern atrocity. Their refusal to brook any limits on abortion rights has led to one of the bitterest ironies of our post-feminist age: that the abortion license touted as the key to liberating future generations of women would become the preferred means of eradicating them."

Wow! The very thing for which they will not bend is the very thing used to eradicate their kind. Read the whole article, it’s something to think about.

Speaking of which, homosexuals are insistent that people are born gay. If that is true, and I’m not saying it is, what would happen if scientist could discover if a fetus has a propensity to become gay? What if people started having abortions to prevent that from happening? Would feminists and lesbians begin campaigning against homoinfanticide?

You may say, “Hah! That’s preposterous; there is no such thing as ‘homoinfanticide’!” If there were, would your abortion ethic change?

If a third of our baby girls/women were being aborted because of gender, would your abortion ethic change? Yes? That’s not just situation ethics but selfish-situation ethics. Rethink abortion.

Carol Colleen Campbell, I don’t know what your ideological position is, but thanks for a well-thought article.


Thursday, May 29, 2008

Pledge to Hedley Lamarr

One more.

Blazing Saddles-Taggart take this down

I will miss him.

Harvey Korman dies at 81

"A world without Harvey Korman - it's a more serious world. It was very dangerous for me to work with him because if our eyes met we'd crash to floor in comic ecstasy. It was comedy heaven to make Harvey Korman laugh."
-- Mel Brooks

Farewell to a brilliant, comedic genius.

Who else could have played Heddy LaMarr on Blazing Saddles? Who else could of played Count De Money of History of the World Part 1? What a referee for a psychiatrists boxing match match in High Anxiety.

This guy could have done Shakespeare but chose comedy instead. Most actors agree comedy is more difficult than tragedy. The irony is he couldn't play his comedy straight and would always crack up doing gags on The Carol Burnett Show; that's what made his routines so funny.

Several years ago I made a collage of people who inspire me; Harvey Korman was one of them.

I pray he rests in peace and gets the respect he deserves as a comedic actor.


electric boogie / oldskool popping


Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Junk Email!!!!!!!

Folks, I was getting about 20 pieces of junk Email a day. Oh, there are E-stores I like; you probably use them too. Though they're so tempting to "read later", and multiply like paper junk mail in the junk draw, I discovered a little line on the bottom of each Email that looks something like this:

We hope you enjoyed receiving this email, but if you no longer wish to receive our emails please click here.

Use those "unsubscribe" links. It will cut down your Email by a kabillion percent. I am a bibliophile and even opted out of Barnes&Nobel and! I'm off Huckabee's list. Every I-flowershop I have bought from is no longer sending me foolish adds. I was even getting junk Email from Honey Nuts Cheerios! (I think they sent me a sample once).

Liberate Thyself!

Say "NO!" to SPAM!

Now, if I could just get little-old-ladies from sending me forwards I will totally be free. Sometimes I get 4 of the same corny joke from the same Sunday school group from my church. At least they love me and use Email.

Congratulations 6X Jeopardy winner!

Larissa Kelly had racked up a total of $222,597, more than any woman in "Jeopardy!" history. We loved watching her compete. She is a humble, intellectual giant!

Here's some trivia: This relative of Larissa's was also on Jeopardy and lost to Ken Jennings...

Answer: Who is Larissa's husband!

Congratulations Larrisa; can't wait to see you on the winner's showdown.

My 3 year-old has crossed-over!

She has stopped watching Barney and has begun watching Scooby-dooby-doo!!!! It's a start. For some reason she doesn't like the 3 Stooges yet. Give her another year and we'll be watching "Disorder in the Court" starring Curly Q. Link. Age 4 will be a great year for quality time between baby and daddy; she has much to learn! Nyuck, nyuck, nyuck.

Conservatism With Heart: Hannity's Conservative BluePrint for Victory!#links#links

Conservatism With Heart: Hannity's Conservative BluePrint for Victory!#links#links

Thanks Dee for this great list. My hope is that all our public officials would support it. If they don't--get rid of them. Give them a 1-way ticket to Russia or China (Cuba is too close and they may become a democracy soon if we get the right officials in office!).

Dee and Sean--keep writing,


Monday, May 26, 2008

Carter: After June 3 "It Will Be Time For Her to Give It Up"

Seems like Carter is supporting Obama and encouraging Clinton to get out of the race. Hillary, girl; I never felt such a kinship with you until this moment. Jimmy Carter encourging you to "get out" is sign from the heavens to "stay in"! It's common knowledge around the Beltway: If Carter tells you to do something, do the opposite and you'll be just fine. chip.

Quote from: ABC NEWS

"I'm a superdelegate," Carter said. "I think a lot of the superdelegates will make a decision quite, announced quite rapidly, after the final primary on June 3...I have not yet announced publicly, but I think at that point it will be time for her to give it up."

Carter was asked if Clinton was achieving anything by continuing in the race."I think not," he said. "But of course she has the perfect right to do so."

Carter was hinting that he was a supporter of Sen. Barack Obama, D-Illinois, as far back as April. The semi-endorsement came with strings attached, as that month Carter engaged in a public effort to engage with Hamas, which the U.S. government officially classifies as a terrorist organization. When asked by ABC News' David Wright, Obama said he wouldn't meet with Hamas and he said he disagreed with Carter's decision to meet with the group -- he called it a "bad idea" that gave Hamas "a legitimacy that was unnecessary" -- but he stopped short of condemning the former president for doing so.


Listen to how your girl responds to the Eeeevil Shell Oil Exec.

China's one-child policy lifted for quake victims' parents

Folks, these are times when I thank God I'm American.
You liberals can keep your comunist state!

NY Hearald-Trib
"In response to inquiries from grieving relatives, local officials announced Monday that parents whose only child was killed or grievously injured in the May 12 earthquake would be exempt from the country's one-child policy.

The exception, issued by the Chengdu Population and Family Planning Committee in Sichuan Province, said qualified parents could apply for legal permission to have another child, according to The Associated Press.
Thousands of parents have openly challenged the government over why so many schools collapsed during the earthquake. An estimated 10,000 students are believed to have died..."

The B-I-B-L-E!

(That's the book for me)
Check out this virtual Bible -- wicked cool!
We've come a long way, baby.